Tour De Java in Ansor’s Group Yogyakarta

If you visit Java don’t forget to visit Jogja as well. Everbody knows Jogja.There are so many beautiful places to visit. One place that you should visit in Jogja is Ansor’s Group in Kotagede. If you are looking for silver jewelries you can visit Ansor’s Silver. Even you can see the process of making silver jewelries here. We also have Sekar Kedhaton Rrestaurant, if you feel hungry after travelling you can try to have lunch or even dinner in this Restaurant. For coffee holic here we have Nusantara Coffee shop, so you can enjoy your free time in Kotagede while drinking our special coffee. Next to Nusantara Coffee shop there is Batik Badjoe Djogdja. You can find all batik fashion here. And last but not least for chocolate lovers there is Tugu Chocolate accros Ansor’s Silver. Here you can find so many flavour of javanese chocolate and even see the manufacture. So what are you waiting for? Come visit Jogja and visit Ansor’s Group. It’s One Stop Shopping in Ansor’s Group.